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New Frontiers in Grain Quality Technology and Informatics

From the Green Revolution to the Market Revolution

Hamish Gow, Earl Kellogg and Steve Sonka, University of Illinois

Moderator: Murray McGregor

Gustavo Gonzalez, Syngenta
Leroy Hanson, Triple "F"
Shashank Goel, Ineeka Co.
Tom Herlehy, CARE Egypt

LUNCH KEYNOTE: June 29, 2005

Jim Thompson, USAID Global Development Alliance

Session 1A: Natural Products
Moderator: Carol Wilson, USAID

Tobias Bandel, Sekem Group, Egypt
Experience in developing supply channels for organic herbs and medicinal crops for the EU market

Plankton for Health
Establishing supply chains for medicinal crops from marine phytoplankton

Katherine Warner, Winrock
Public-Private Partnerships to Raise Smallholder Incomes in Vietnam and Cambodia
Winrock's Brochures: Public Private Partnerships and Payments for Environmental Services

Jawad Bahaji, Morocco
Improving the impact of an agricultural program through strategic communication interventions

Session 1B: Livestock, Dairy and Fisheries
Moderator: Larry Paulson, USAID-New Delhi

Jeffrey Engels and Gagik Sardaryan, CARD, Armenia
Unlocking the Export Potential of Armenia’s Landlocked Dairy Sector

Kudrat E. Kabir, Bangladesh
The Shrimp Seal of Quality program: An integrated approach to addressing the challenges in Bangladesh’s shrimp sector

Ken McMillin, LSU-PFID MSP

Developing the Meat, Seafood, and Poultry Food Industry in Ukraine and Moldova

Haven Ley, Chemonics
Support to women in generating income from poultry in rural Afghanistan

Session 1C: Horticulture
Moderator: Dennis Sharma, USAID - West Bank/Gaza

Dennis Sharma, USAID West Bank/Gaza
Commercial Agriculture in Israel

Patrick Brown, UC-Davis

Summary global horticultural assessment

Burt Swanson, MUCIA, Jon Seltzer, U Minnesota, John Vansickle, U. Florida and Mohamed Samy, U. Illinois
Strengthening the supply chain to expand the export of fresh horticultural crops from Upper Egypt to the European Union

Denise Mainville, Virginia Tech
Collective action to facilitate small farmer participation in high-value domestic markets: The experience of Caisp in Sao Paulo Brazil


Session 2A: Natural Products Continued
Moderator: Scott Christiansen, USAID

Jim Simon, Rutgers University
Sustainable Development: Natural Products and Medicinal Plants Sector Using a Science and Market-Driven Approach to Strengthen Demand

Roundtable Discussion
Panel Members:

Sribindu Bajracharya, USAID-Nepal
Setta Tutundjian, USAID-Jordan
Wade Al-Sattar, USAID-Yemen
Shashank Goel, Ineeka Co.
Patrick Papania, AED

Session 2B: Application of Information Technology
Moderator: Jonathan Metzger, USAID

Tobias Bandel, Sekem Group, Egypt
An integrated IT management system to provide full product traceability from field to overseas market

Harsha de Silva, Sri Lanka
Innovative fruit and vegetable market information and price gathering system

Dennis Sheehy, GOBI Forage/GLCRSP
Application of information and communication technology for livestock early warning systems in Mongolia

Mike Tetelman, AED, Philippines
Innovative use of cellular technology and market information systems to support the sustainable reef management and tropical fish harvesting

Session 2C: Gender, Farmers Associations, and Grassroots Enterprise Development
Moderator: John Santas, University of Illinois

Ghassan Sayah, YMCA, Lebanon
Organizing women in business development: Experiences of the SMART program

J.P. Singh, NATP
From self-help groups to commodity-based farmer associations: The Indian approach to developing social capital among women farmers in India

Steve Londner, TechnoServe
Expanding economic opportunities for smallholder farmers through developing a globally competitive cashew industry

Zoubida Charrouf, Morocco
Valorsisation of argan oil for a sustainable management of the arid zones of south-west Morocco

KEYNOTE: June 30, 2005
Jagdish Sheth, Charles H. Kellstadt Professor of Marketing
Emory University


Session 3A: Quality Assurance, Standards, and Certification Systems
Moderator: Todd Hamner, USAID-Washington

Steve Jaffee, World Bank, Washington
Strategic Responses to Enhanced Food Safety and Other Standards

Tom Reardon, Michigan State University
Supermarkets and growth of private grades and standards

Joe Hain, USDA FAS
Assisting the produce industry meet international retail standards: The USDA FAS cold chain initiative

Session 3B: Capacity Building for Market Development

Moderator: Gary Robbins, USAID-Cairo

Mohamed Abo El Wafa, GTZ, Cairo, Egypt, John Vansickle, U. Florida, Maria Marshall, Purdue University; Mohamed Samy and Hamish Gow, U. Illinois, and Burt Swanson, MUCIA
Developing public-private teams to conduct market research and develop business plans to supply selected European Union markets

Jonathan Metzger, USAID Washington
C-Level Executive Program: Using venture capital training to increase the managerial capacity and market linkages for entrepreneurs

Abdul Qayyum Khan, IALC/UIUC, Afghanistan and Anwar F. Chishti, NWFPAU, Pakistan
Training the trainers in post-conflict arenas: Experiences from Pakistan and Afghanistan


Session 4A: Building Marketing Channel Alliances
Moderator: Steve Jaffee, World Bank

Joe Welsh, Croatia
Redefining the Distribution Channel: Lean but Responsive

Morten Frederiksen, RPDP, World Bank
Strategic Development of Horticultural Value Chains in Sub-Saharan Africa

Mohamed Samy, U. Illinois and Burt Swanson, MUCIA
Refocusing the national research programs to global market needs: The experience of the AERI Linkage project in Egypt

Session 4B: The Enabling Environment: Policy and Trade
Moderator: Dan Miller, USAID-Afghanistan (Click here to see Dan's IAMA Presentation)

Robert Thompson, University of Illinois
Doha, WTO negotiations, and development

Wally Tyner, Purdue University
FTA and Morocco

Rich Magnani and Sawsan Al-Sharifi, USAID-Iraq
Reform and Rehabilitation of Iraq’s agricultural sector: The case of the Iraqi wheat sector

LUNCH KEYNOTE: June 30, 2005

Doyle Baker, FAO (Click here to see FAO's website)

Implementation Panel
Moderator: Scott Christiansen, USAID

Steve Jaffee, World Bank
Earl Kellogg, IALC
Anju Seth, University of Illinois


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